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GetPayrolll has teamed up with Hedge to offer the first program for payroll payments in cryptocurrency. Employees will be able to convert a portion of their paycheck to Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, automatically. Employees will be able to bypass the exchange experience and take advantage of dollar-cost averaging to auto-invest part of their payroll into the cryptocurrency of their choice.

This no-cost program for employers is a great way to attract new talent during the current tight labor market.

“GetPayroll is leading the way in crypto payroll by offering various ways for employers to offer payment in cryptocurrency. We are excited to work with the Hedge team to ensure GetPayroll clients have the option to differentiate themselves in the crowded marketplace,” said Charles Read, GetPayroll, President.

“GetPayroll is the first payroll company we are teaming up with due to their focus on compliance and customer service. We know a lot of small businesses will benefit from this partnership,” said David Schwartz, CEO, of Hedge.

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