Why should I use a time clock instead of timesheets?

There are several reasons why you should use a time clock instead of a time sheet. Improper time keeping accounts for 8% of all overpayment errors in payroll.

There are six common problems with traditional timesheets.

  1. Buddy Punching
  2. Incorrect Hours Documented
  3. Time Tweaking
  4. Jumbled Handwriting
  5. Unauthorized Overtime
  6. Untracked Arrivals, Breaks, and Departures

Using a time clock will benefit you, as the business owner:

Legal disputes over employee wages and hours are growing.
Paper timesheets can get lost or destroyed which means the employer is losing attendance records required by law. If an employee has contemporaneously created time records, and challenge the employer for overtime, they will win.

Easier time approval.
With an electronic system, timesheet approval is much simpler. No need to track down employees to rectify messy time sheets and you can access time record archives at any time.

Avoid overpayments.
Electronic timekeeping systems mean less error for both the employee and employer. Accurate time reporting and payment means less headache for businesses.

Download our infographic guide on time clocks and overpayments.

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