What should I do if a payroll isn’t paying me?

Wage theft in some industries and some areas is rampant. There are cheats everywhere. If your employer is deliberately cheating you of wages then you need to immediately contact your state employment commission. In Texas is is the TWC (Texas Workforce Commission). They have a payday law division that will sue your employer (or former employer), at no cost to you, for all wages due you. Every state has something similar. You can also contact the US Department of Labor, particularly if it is an FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) violation that falls outside of state laws.

If they are just late in paying you the state will help but probably not faster than the company can catch up.

If you have not talk to HR or your boss that is the first step to take. ASAP. Then put it in writing to them as well sending your employer a copy Certified Mail.

The advice about an attorney is probably not useful unless you have a substantial claim for many years. Attorneys are expensive and will normally want a retainer up front. The government provides legal representation if they take the case for free and can institute criminal sanctions which a private attorney cannot.

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