GetPayroll Compliance Poster Program - Powered by PosterElite

Federal, State, and Local Compliance Poster Program

We will automatically keep you compliant when a mandatory change occurs in Federal, State, and Local Compliance Poster Labor Law Posting requirements.

GetPayroll and Poster Elite will automatically email you an updated ready-to-print posting as part of our compliance poster program. You won’t have to think about compliance poster updates, ever.

You will receive an updated All-In-One State & Federal Labor Law Poster every year on the anniversary of your subscription.

GetPayroll Compliance Poster Program - 'We-Pay-The-Fine' Guarantee

Our Labor Law Poster Update Service is backed by a $25,000 ‘We-Pay-The-Fine’ Guarantee, ensuring that your business remains protected from serious fines related to improper posting content (provided by Poster Elite).

How the Poster Program Works

GetPayroll Compliance Poster Program - How the Poster Program Works

What is an All-in-One Compliance Poster?

GetPayroll Compliance Poster Program - What is an All-in-One Compliance Poster?
  • Contains all mandatory state and Federal labor law postings.
  • Fully laminated, high-quality print poster.

  • Attorney reviewed and approved.

  • Update services backed by our $25K guarantee.

  • QR Codes on all posters for easy compliance tracking.

  • Posting Legend clearly identifies State versus Federal requirements as well as industry-specific notices & company size specific notices.

Monitor Poster Changes

  • Labor Law Postings can change at any time of the year. But how do you know when to replace your labor law poster?
  • Utilize our QR Codes to establish yourself as a subject matter expert on Labor Law Posting changes.

  • Simply scan the QR Code with your smartphone and see if the poster is up-to-date!

GetPayroll Compliance Poster Program - Monitor Poster Changes

Federal and State Compliance Made Easy

GetPayroll Compliance Poster Program - Federal and State Compliance Made Easy

Our Labor Law Posters include postings provided by both State and Federal Government agencies. To assist in identifying particular postings, our Labor Law Posters are equipped with a legend. The poster legend identifies which postings have been issued by State or Federal agencies. It can also include information on industry-specific notices or notices required by employers operating a business with a particular number of employees.

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