Accountants and Bookkeepers: Get Unlimited Payroll For One Monthly Fee

Outsource daily payroll functions to save time, increase revenue and ensure your clients are always protected from the IRS.

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Why Become A GetPayroll Partner?

  • White Label: Customize employee portal and reports with your logo, so you can continue to offer payroll as a service under your brand. A central dashboard will give you a bird’ eye view of your client’s activity

  • Customer Service: We still believe in good old-fashioned phone call support as the best way to help our clients. When you have a question our USA-based payroll specialists are available to answer your specific questions and guide you through any issues

  • Service Guarantee and Compliance: If anything happens as a result of our processing, we will take care of anything that has to do with employment tax regulating authorities, including the IRS. 100% guaranteed. With a U.S. Tax Court Practitioner on staff, we have the unique ability to run your payroll correctly and securely but also advocate for you in all levels of the IRS up to and including the U.S. Tax Court

  • Increase Revenue: By offering payroll you can attract new clients and retain existing clients without additional overhead.  We offer one flat monthly fee plus per employee charge, so you can easily calculate how much revenue you can generate per client

GetPayroll Services Includes:

Payroll Provider Comparison

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