More and more insurance agencies are working with GetPayroll.

Why choose us to help you with your business tasks? – it’s simple.

Just like insurance is important in case something happens, we look at our level of compliance and service the same way. We protect you from the IRS and other agencies, just in case you need it (and you will!).  -Mr. Charles Read

Why are we different than other payroll companies?

We are the experts in payroll. We have licensed and certified experts on staff to assist with your payroll needs and ensure your payroll is always on time and always in complianceWe’ve been processing payroll for almost 30 years. With experts and certifications like these:

  • FPC: Fundamental Payroll Certification

  • CPP: Certified Payroll Professional

  • CPA: Certified Public Accountant*

  • USTCP: United States Tax Court Practitioner

We give you support that no other payroll company will. Guaranteed. Give us a call, send us an email, or even stop by, and we’ll answer any questions and assist you any way we can.

Payroll and so much more

GetPayroll services will:

  • Simplify your payroll processing,

  • Keep your payroll in compliance,

  • Provide you with superior customer service,

  • Offer you customizable HR solutions,

  • Keep you up-to-date with our compliance poster program,

  • Support you with dedicated payroll services specialists,

  • Help your employees save money with LifeMart, our free employee discount program

  • Treat your payroll like it’s our payroll.

Take the first step! Have us call you to set up an informational demo session