Automated Time and Attendance Tracking System

Our automated Time & Attendance tracking system makes for fast, accurate payroll preparation. No more adding up time cards, interpreting rounding rules, or keying data into spreadsheets. Your employees simply track their time and the software calculates hours and earnings based on your unique pay rules.

Collect time using a web browser, mobile device, badge reader, and biometric readers. Whatever your work environment — blue-collar, office, or on the go — we have the right data collection tools for your unique environment.

Cloud-Based Software With Seamless Integration with GetPayroll

Benefits for Your Supervisors

Time Keeping - Quickly View All Employee Details

Quickly View All Employee Details

Supervisors have access to real-time on-premise dashboards and configurable notifications when something needs attention. When notified, supervisors can easily view and edit an individual employee’s time card, schedule, or profile.

Time Keeping - Manage More Efficiently

Manage More Efficiently

Dashboards, like the Time Card Exceptions, provide easy access to essential tasks and data which allows supervisors to manage by exception, without looking at each employee’s time card each day. By clicking into the graph, supervisors can quickly see exceptions.

Time Keeping - Maximize Your Time with a Simplified Interface

Maximize Your Time with a Simplified Interface

Effortlessly create schedules for employees and edit them on-the-fly, track a points or occurrence based attendance policy, run customizable reports on any time and attendance data, and schedule those reports to run automatically.

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Benefits for Your Employees

Time Keeping - Benefits for Your Employees

Track Their Time Easily, Accurately, and Securely

Employees can view their time sheet and their weekly schedule, check accrual balance, review their point balance, see the total time worked in the pay period, and run a timesheet report.

Increase Employee Satisfaction with User-Friendly HR Tools

Easy to use self-service solution that keeps employees engaged in time and attendance tracking. Access to a web portal that provides an at-a-glance view of their time cards, request time off, work schedule, accrual balance, and more.

Manage Their Time from Anywhere, Anytime

Choose the time entry methods that meet your employees’ needs. The free mobile app provides all the same functionality as the web portal in a convenient smartphone app. Employees can punch in and out, review their punch history, enter leave requests, and more from the device they always carry with them.

Utilize the Power of Geo positioning

The mobile app conveniently recognizes where an employee is when punching in and out and will log the employee’s GPS position for supervisors to review.

Streamline Processes with Crew Clocking

With crew clocking, a supervisor or crew leader can clock multiple employees in at once. If employees do not have access to smartphones, but the supervisor does, this option is a time-saving way to capture all present employees at once.

Time Keeping Overview Video

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