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Small Business Short Course by Charles J. Read

Small Business Short Course by Charles Read

Small Business Short Course will help you learn about how small businesses really work. It will teach you how to do it right, how to stay out of trouble, and hopefully, make money.

This volume deals with employees: who is and who isn’t considered an employee, how to tell the difference, the different types of employees, who can be an employee and more.

Table of Contents Highlight

  • Employee Versus Independent Contractor
  • Statutory and Non-Statutory Employees
  • Agent-Drivers or Commission-Drivers
  • Full-Time Life Insurance Salesperson
  • Homeworkers
  • Traveling or City Salespersons General Requirements
  • Statutory Non-Employees
  • Qualified Real Estate Agents
  • Direct Sellers General Requirements
  • Federal Child Labor Laws Minimum Age Other Than Agricultural Employment
  • Hours of Employment
  • Hazardous Employment
  • Agriculture Employment of Children
  • Volunteers
  • Interns
  • You As An Employee