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If you are looking for a new Payroll service provider, it can get overwhelming pretty fast. We have outlined all the questions you should be asking a potential payroll service before hiring them.

Level of Service.

  • How do you provide payroll information to the provider?
  • How will the provider provide you with reports? Can they provide your accountant with copies at no additional charge?
  • How and when will your employees be paid?
  • How and when will the provider pull money from your accounts?
  • How will you receive customer service and from whom, an individual or a call center?
  • Can you reach the provider’s top brass if you need to?


  • Are all your reports and deposits guaranteed against penalties and interest charges?
  • Does the provider have CPAs or United States Tax Court Practitioners on staff that you can talk to and communicates professionally?
  • Do they take an IRS limited power of attorney (Form 2848) so that they can actually advocate for you to the IRS? This is critically important as IRS issued 13 billion dollars (FY 2019)  in penalties and more in interest charges.
  • Are they up to date on the law and the constant changes at all levels?


  • Is it a fair price? Remember you get what you pay for.
  • Is everything you need at the price you are quoted?
  • Is the price guaranteed longer than it takes for the salesman to submit paperwork?
  • How often will they raise the price?
  • Are there nickel and dime charges for W2s, reports, phone calls, writing letters, talking to the taxing authorities or to you accountant?

It is vital you ensure that you are getting all of these questions answered and feel comfortable with your choice.

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