Do you know when is the best time to change how you’re doing payroll? January 1st! Now, why is that? Here are a few reasons:

  •  There’s no historical data for the year, to re-enter
  •  No terminated employees to record data for.
  •  No tax deposits to reconcile.
  •  No unfiled forms for the year.
  •  Complete records in the new system for the next year-end reporting.

Not only that but there are also several advantages to changing at the first of the year:

  • There’s no rush if done right
  • Special pricing for new clients
  • Discounts for starting at the beginning of the year.
  • You can take time to find the right payroll provider or system.

Now you may be asking: “Charles what if I can’t wait for the first of the year?” Don’t worry there is a second-best time to change as well… Today! If you are not happy with your current method of processing payroll then changing payroll processes or providers may be a solution for you. If you’re interested and would like to learn more as well as see what else GetPayroll has to offer, contact us, and receive a free quote!

If you are interested in learning more about switching payroll providers be sure to check out our other video: “Why change payroll systems or providers?

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