We’re getting close to that special time of year, when it’s the best time to switch payroll providers. There can be a lot of reasons you may want to change how you are doing payroll. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

-The price is too high.

-The provider nickels and dimes you for everything.

-Poor service, can’t talk to the right people, or even the same people.

-The system does not work well, hard to use.

-Mistakes that are not fixed timely.

-Lack of compliance expertise on staff (CPAs at a minimum).

-The provider won’t or can’t advocate for you with the taxing authorities, including the IRS

-Huge unresponsive bureaucracy

-Your current provider is not proactive in keeping you up to speed on changes in the payroll world,

-Old technology that provider or system does not update

GetPayroll is the premier compliance provider in the payroll industry. We are not a huge bureaucracy that treats their clients like a number. We don’t have a call center. You can talk to the person that processed your payroll, the operations manager, As well as myself. I’m happy to answer your payroll and payroll tax questions. After all, I wrote the book on payroll; “The Payroll Book, A Guide for Small Business and Startups”. Finally, I’m also a United States Tax Court Practitioner and can take any mistakes the IRS makes to US Tax Court if necessary for no additional professional fees.

We make it easy to switch to GetPayroll and will do most of the work once you provide the data. We will customize your report stream, your general ledger reporting, and more. We can help with your HR, Benefits, and timekeeping needs. Talk to our business development manager for all the pertinent details to your operation, not just generalities.

If you’re curious to know when it’s the best time to change. Check out our video: When is the best time to change payroll services?

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